[OPEN FOR LIGHTING] FxllenCode | Terrain Artist, Environmental Designer, Lighting Specialist


Hey there! I am @FxllenCode, and I am offering my services as a terrain artist, environmental designer, and lighting expert. I enjoy making games, and also like to help people complete their dreams of making a great game. My time zone is EST, and I speak English. I am currently in school, so I usually work on the weekends only, however I can work for 5-8 hours each day starting Friday and ending Monday.


How do I design terrain?

I use a program called Quadspinner Gaea. It’s an advanced program, perfect for making huge terrain. I then import it using a process that I have learned by reading around the devforum. Please note: I will NOT be manually going around and adding stuff like paths or extra rocks into the terrain. My job here is to design the terrain, if you need something simple like that, that is up to you.

What is Environmental Design?

Environmental Design is the combination of lighting and terrain. I use lots of Roblox features to push the platform to the limits when it comes to realistic lighting. Usually, I make the lighting fit with the terrain, an example of this is making a valley that went through a wildfire very smokey and hard to see.

What do you mean by lighting specialist?

Against popular belief, Roblox can have very realistic lighting. I strive to achieve that. I can help your game by going into the project and tweaking around with lighting settings until I achieve very realistic lighting for your game. I like to say that lighting either makes or breaks a game. The realism of your game could have people coming back time over time.

Why are your prices so high?

First off, I’m not just using these normal tools. I’m using Quadspinner Gaea, in which I’ve spent hours getting the hang on and learning tricks. I’d say 50% of the price is based on my expertise with this software. It’s not just being generated like studio’s generator. It’s using a Node Wrangler. If your familiar with Blender, this is similar to Blender, but for terrain. Once I build it, I use a special process to import it in studio. Once imported, I use a custom part-to-terrain script. This is why you may see some sharp edges, and this can be corrected manually. :slightly_smiling_face:



Burned Valley - Showcase

Play the game here.

Valley and Ridge - Showcase

Play the game here.





Desert Evening - Showcase

Play the game here.





Great Rift Valley - Showcase

Go play the game here.

Frozen Mountain - Showcase

Go play the game here.

(Sorry for the low amount of screenshots, LoD is acting weird with this one.)

Personal Work

Vibe Forest

Play the game here.

Commissioned Work

Empire Entertainment

Commissioned by @iHydorr

Advanced Lighting Package

Pirates of the Caribbean Game

Commisioned by @FFOXHOUND

Large Terrain Package + Advanced Lighting

Low-Poly Pirate Game

Commissioned by @ineedpotatodev

Advanced Lighting Package





Superhero Action Game

Commissioned by @ProZealous

Advanced Lighting Package





Cartoony Tycoon

Commissioned by @KelsShartle

Fancy Lighting

Open-Sourced Work




I accept currently only accept payment in robux or percentage. I do NOT require devex equivalent. Based on the project size, I may require payment before. For terrain, I will always show you pictures and let you play the game before you pay. After payment, I will send you the .rblx file. If you do not like the terrain, or need changes, I will NOT be offended. Do not hesitate to ask! Prices are fully negotiable, if you aren’t sure please ask! I can also do custom sizes if needed.

Terrain Packages

Small Terrain Package: Get a terrain designed in Quadspinner Gaea, I will then import it to Roblox at 500 times the size of it in Gaea. This starts at 10,000 robux and includes lighting!

Medium Terrain Package: Get a terrain designed in Quadspinner Gaea, I will then import it to Roblox at 2000 times the size of it in Gaea. This starts at 25,000 robux and includes lighting!

Large Terrain Package: Get a terrain designed in Quadspinner Gaea, I will then import it to Roblox at 4000 times the size of it in Gaea. This starts at 35,000 robux and includes lighting!

Lighting Package

Fancy Lighting: I will go into your game, and completely rework the lighting, starting with the skybox, then I’ll add atmosphere if applicable and make it look realistic. I will add post-processing effects, and then work with the basic parts of the lighting. I can do anything from realistic to low-poly, so feel free to ask. This starts at 1,000 robux, and I need team create access to do this!


To contact me, please respond to this post or send me a DM. Please keep in mind I do NOT use discord, I have had a bad experience and prefer to communicate via the devforum.

Thank you so much for reading,
@FxllenCode :grinning:

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I can't un-mark my post as a solution
FxllenCode | Programmer, QA Tester, and Security Tester Portfolio

Helped with lighting in my homestore. Great to work with :slight_smile: super helpful. Highly recommend.


Love the Advanced Lighting Package, he tried his best to get to look how I wanted and it turned out great.
Recommend him 11/10


Amazing work of yours! The terrains are detailed, beautiful, and have a vibe to them. Keep creating this awesome work! 10/10.

Stay safe,


Yes it’s nice just but it might take me a while to respond since I’m on discord most of the time.


Very nice looking, highly recommend. If you are looking for 4k like HIGH POLY, You should definitely hire him.

Good Work!


Great guy to work with. Did a really good job on the lighting. Even went well and beyond.


I’m interested :cowboy_hat_face:

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Sent you a DM! :grinning: Hope I hear back!

Commissions are back open! I was closed due to a large terrain commission, but I finished it! Again, all prices are negotiable, feel free to contact me!

which is the best pack for low poly lighting?

Hm… It would be a combo of Advanced and Basic. I can do it for 750. DM me if you are interested.


I recently hired Fxllen for his Large Terrain Package which cost me around 35,000 ROBUX. I admit I was slightly sceptical when he said he didn’t use Discord as communication is vital within large projects. However, Fxllen was fast to respond and the Large Terrain only took a day or two! All in all, I’m very happy with the product and Fxllen’s service. I recommend hiring him if you are looking for a Terrain builder/lighting specialist.


Hello! Would you be interested in a project involving refurbishing existing terrain?

Because I do not use the normal terrain tools, I would have to replace the entire terrain. If that works, go ahead and send me a message!

I am looking at a bunch of Environmental Artists. How much percentage is the min?

It depends on the game and backup payment.

As I might actually be interested in the small package( no lighting)
So 5-6kbackup payment

15% of game’s profits.

Do you have funds to spend on ads? Do you have a following?

Following yes. We have 2 star Youtubers and like 34 other people following us on Twitter. We are going to spend min 10k robux max 20k robux. BTW I gonna send message soon.