[OPEN] French Breakfast | Hiring Game Trailer Designer

About Us

Pleasantries! We are French Breakfast, an upcoming thriving Roblox establishment on the industrial platform. We are currently hiring a professional & experienced Game Trailer Designer,

The Team
@LuvNatt - Architectural Designer
@ImperialArts - Assistant Architectural Designer
@Greenaidtank88 - Modeler
@rooboo14 - Programmer
@xJos_hy - Assistant Programmer
@Hydroflasq - UI Designer
@j3rrz - Graphics Designer
@USERNAME - Game Trailer Designer

About The Job

We are looking for a professional Game Trailer Designer that is willing to make 3 trailers for us, we will prove 3 examples below of how we would like the game trailers to be like- further information will be provided through DMs.


1st Trailer: SEDA® | Launch Reveal🌴 - YouTube
2nd Trailer: SEDA® | You're Invited 🥂 - YouTube
3rd Trailer: SEDA® | Trailer - YouTube


We will be offering your desired price, however, the pricing must be reasonable depending on the quality of your work. Furthermore, the preferred payment method should be Robux; we are not proceeding with any PayPal/USD methods.

Contact Us


  • FOUNDER: Pew Pew#0442 (LuvNatt)
  • CO FOUNDER: a.#5211 (austhinn)

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you apart of our team soon! :slight_smile:


Let me give you some advise. You don’t need that many people in one team. 2 Programmers? 2 Architectural Designers? Having 2 of these makes your game clustered and hard to control. UI Designer? Get that done yourself and stop being lazy. I was interested in VFX Game Trailer Designing until I found out your game had 9 roles.



I agree with you.

Another note,

When was I hired for the animator job? You never said something along the lines of me being hired.
As well you said you already got someone when I was sleeping and that he has done more work than I have. @SxliSmh

I mean yeah thats alot of roles but no need to call him lazy. What if he dosent posses skill in any areas of development except for the creativity part.

Then he shouldnt make a game :thinking:. If only it was that easy.

Facts. If only it was that easy. Well I mean no one is stoping him from making the game so He can if he want.

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First, it’s not my game. This is my alternative account I use for Developer Forum, as the main account was suspended due to a dispute. Second, I work at the group as Board of Directors on xPi_xel, which the owner LuvNatt is leading the architectural build and we have a team that receives good amount of pay- which I don’t see where’s the issue of hiring good developers when they are receiving their desired amount. Third, trying to commence a dispute on this forum is surely against the Terms of Service in usage of this website, which I’d request you to refrain from defining me as “lazy”. Perhaps, if you’d use common sense; if you see a duplicative roles then consider the second one as “assistant”.

Furthermore, you probably aren’t aware of what it takes to initiate an establishment on the Roblox platform, and most likely you may not have experience in that area. Buddy, I suggest you to keep those comments out of the way.

I wasn’t aware you were hired, apologies. I’ll fix that. I was notified that you begun to work? Must’ve been an error according to the owners.

@FyreeIG Adding on to that, we have a system of keeping track of our developers work. It doesn’t seem too clustered for us, as you haven’t viewed from our perspective.

@FyreeIG Continuing… I’m only a staff member, I was told to make this post. The owner is not lazy, as if you may see that he is the lead architectural builder professional & experienced. Watch your language, before spreading it to the online community.

First, I have profoundly seen the Terms of Service, and I am aware that I “Commenced a Dispute”, but i was only trying to give you advise. I was not demanding anything. If you want to have your team distributed into 9 roles, I am fine with that, but I was just saying that 2 Programmers and 2 Architectural Designers is way too much. Your game gets clustered and that is when everyone on your team quits. I get you have a good distributed pay amount, but man! From the games release, to the Updates, Etc;

Going further, I do know what it takes to initiate an establishment on Roblox, I’ve been there, and I do have experience in there “Buddy”.

I get the Owner of your establishment keeps track of all the work, but that’s not it. It gets hard when people lose track of what they have to do, and on your Owners part, he/they has/have to give everyone precise instructions on what to do, which is extremely hard. I have been in this situation. I was apart of a team with 16 roles, and my Owner said he had everything covered, and the next day he quit because he got so clustered with everyone asking so many questions. The next day 4 people quit, and that is the only reason why I commented on your post. I wasn’t aware that your Owner/Owners had it situated.

I apologize.

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I guess I am interested in making the VFX Game Trailer from the new information you gave me, I apologize about the misunderstanding.

No worries, feel free to contact Pew Pew#0442 if interested.

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