[OPEN] French Speaking Translator for Hire! English >>>>> French

About Me

Hey there! I am offering my services as a French Translator. I have a French Speaking and translating degree in my latest Exams. I have been Translating for a couple of months on Roblox. I will bring you the best service as I can and translate your game as much as I can.

Examples of where I have worked before

147,000+ Members.


Monday: 2 - 3 hours or less.
Tuesday: 2 - 4 hours or less
Wednesday: 3 - 5 hours or less
Thursday: 3 - 6 hours or less
Friday: 2 - 4 hours or less
Saturday: 3 - 7 hours or less
Sunday: N/A


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly payment or weekly payment. Also, Please pay me through group funds as Roblox takes a big percentage away of what you’ll give me.

Also depends on the size of the translation you are asking me to do. Prices will go up for every translation.


You can contact me here on Discord: MrSquirrel#7131
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I highly recommend working with billy, he’s great to work with and his translations are always consistent with quality.