[OPEN] Front/Backend Web, Software Dev, UI & Vector Design, etc


About Me

Hi! I’m Muoshuu! I’m 19, and I’ve been on Roblox since around 2011, starting with game development around the same time (though I only really got into it around 2013). In the last 8 years, I’ve done my best to learn how to work in every area of development, as around that time, teams weren’t nearly as common.

Over time, I’ve learned multiple programming languages, including Lua, Python, JavaScript (+ Node & TypeScript), C/C++, C#, and a bit of Java & Kotlin. On the web side, I have experience hosting & configuring Linux servers (both deb & rhel), I know HTML & CSS, and I’ve used Express.js, Nginx, and Apache. I’m adept with math & logic, I know GitHub, and I can make Discord bots. Admittedly, I don’t really have much I can show for web.

Moving on to UI & vector design, I learned most of what I know from a friend around 4 years ago, and about 3 years ago, another friend of mine showed me some vector art he had made, so I taught myself how to do the same, starting primarily by tracing & up-scaling pre-existing images to get a feel for it. Currently adept at creating vector icons.

When it comes to 3D models, I wouldn’t say it’s one of my better areas, but I know my way around Blender. I have experience creating meshes from scratch, optimizing unions, and splitting high-poly models to get past the 10K limit. I do not animate or texture meshes.

Building. Sorry to say, but I’ve got 0 imagination when it comes to building. If you have a concept at hand, I can work off of that, but I cannot build otherwise.



Not much to show here, as programming is never really that visual, but here’s a rendering thing a friend and I made in studio before ViewportFrames existed.

UI Design

And a GIF:

Vector Art

World Design & Building


I am available Monday-Friday, 10AM - 4PM CST.


My time is important to me, so in most cases, I base my prices off of how long I spend doing something and the difficulty, however, it’s always negotiable. I only accept percentage of revenue if I am guaranteed a small lump sum, determined at my discretion based on how likely I feel the project is to succeed. I accept payment through PayPal and group payouts, though I will make an exception for payments made from your account rather than from a group as long as you are willing to pay the 30% tax on top of my fee.

Commissions - OPEN

Accepting UI commissions only. A general price estimation (typically between 20-60K) will be given beforehand, but may not reflect the final price.


Discord - Muoshuu#3359
If you don’t have Discord, you can message me here.


Damn, i like your vector arts

You’re a really talented artist, especially with the UI. I love them!


I like your art of Misaka.

Are you able to do ads with your Vector Art? If so, what type of price range would it be for 1 ad?

Typically between $10-20, or 3-6K R$, depending on what you want and how long it takes to finish.

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I’ve added you on Discord. You’re definitely what I’m looking for.

Alright, I will think about it, its kinda out of my price range currently. Thanks anyway

Would totally recommend hiring him. He finished all my game’s UI (RPG) in just 3 DAYS! Plus, the quality is simply astonishing and the pricing is incredible for such an eye-pleasing UI! There was some stuff I wasn’t sure about, he tried all of them just for me the pick whichever I prefer. You better get him before he flys away. Thanks @Muoshuu!

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I am actually obsessed with your vector art :slight_smile:


More recent work added to the UI Design section :slight_smile:

Everything looks really nice! I like your GUI and World Designs. You’re very talented!

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Commissions now open for UI only. Check the post for more info.

Amazing Vector Arts of Misaka and Akame! Might consider commissioning you for some Vectors if you ever open them!

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Highly recommend to hire, @Muoshuu is dedicated to his/her work and got it done within a few days. Work done to perfection. 10/10

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UI commissions are open again. Check the commissions section in the main post. I’ll also be fully updating the post with more recent work soon.