[Open] Frr_z portfolio! Help me in the Replies!

About me

This is an updated version of my previous portfolio!!

Hi! My name is Daniel and I am offering my services as a programmer. I’m currently developing other projects and can’t work on big games! I’m looking for items to add in skill and also add to my portfolio!

I can communicate formally when necessary and also communicate in Portuguese

I’m preferring to work only with the creation of Scripts and not entire games, as I don’t have an availability for super giant works!

Showcase (take a look :smiley: )

I haven’t done huge and complex projects yet but you can see some works below!
Items written after the “–” are explanations of what each thing does!
I already used things with:

  • Click detector, Player.Chatted, – Things happen when the player clicks on something or says something

  • Lots of things with UserInputService ( a Keybind manager too!),Things that happen when the player presses a certain key!

  • All UIs,

  • Instances, random (math.random and Color3.random),

  • Proximity Prompt, – Push buttons (similar to Jailbreak, etc)

  • Things with Data Store, – Save informations… like saving Coins in a simulator

  • Surface GUI, – UIs in walls, etc

  • Billboard GUI, –UIs in players (good to do Rank names with player name)

  • Loading Screen,

  • Play button,

  • Loading Assets UI,

  • Preload System,

  • Health and Magic bars – A bar that increases or decreases in size as health decreases or the spell is spent

  • Revive system via command with very interesting parameters, – The system only works if the player is at a specific distance, in a specific ROBLOX group and can be run by anyone who fits these circumstances

  • A basic FPS system. – A gun and a First Person camera

  • A bit of OOP – It’s a bit complex paradigm

  • Things with Server-Client, Client-Server, Server-Clients – Connections with Player-Server // Server-Player // Server-ALLPlayers







:arrow_down:This is my test account! I can prove it!


My schedule may change, but I’m usually available for about **3 hours a week


Prices are negotiable, I accept payment by script or by hour. My favorite method is ROBUX by group funds or R$ (Brazil Money). You can already come up with an offer… don’t be scared, I don’t bite and I’m very negotiable!!


You can contact me here or my Discord, DanieL#3302

Help me!!!

I would like to know which rating I could fit in… now you can help me even more by rating me, right here in the answers! How can I be considered by you and your team? Beginner, Medium, Advanced or Experienced Programmer?

Thank you so much,


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