(Open) GFX Artist | Geedcat

Hello, my name is geedcat or I go by geed! I am a graphic designer and 3d artist for the roblox platform. I am skilled in different styles of work and hope you can commission me!



Thumbnails: 15k :robux_light: & $52.00 USD
Icons: 10k :robux_light: & $28.00 USD

I dont not accept profile picture art / Media Banners.
I do not take Gamepass orders.
Payment for robux should be from group funds or gamepass with you having to cover tax
Payment for USD should be from paypal

I am available to work everyday and you can contact me anytime although if your are on a massive timezone gap (Im EST) you will have to wait some hours before I wake up to react to your DM’s.
Expect any orders to be done in no more than a week but I average around 1-2 days to finish each order once started.

Contact me on Discord to order.

You can view my other artoworks and socials here,
but do not contact me from them.

(1) geedcat :zap: (@geedcat01) / Twitter
ArtStation - - Geedcat -

Feel free to ask any questions here and thank you for viewing :wink:


Your renders have potential. Keep up the good work.


Nice work for a reasonable price! Good job! :slight_smile:


Very nice work! looks clean I like the concept and the poses well doen


I really recommend hiring him, good prices and good thumbnails, awesome job! :+1:


I would definately recommend @geedcat. He helped me out and has done a great deal for an amazing logo. Make sure to get him to do logo’s etc. My rating? 10/10


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I love your work! I’ll be contacting you on Discord @ #curtis Vol. IV chapter 2#0004.

I know these are closed, but I just wanted to say awesome pieces of work! I really like the cartoony vibe most of your logos and thumbnails give off. :+1:t2:

Cheap considering the quality you provide!

Great work!

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Very nice! I really like the GFX and it’s pretty cheap for the quality! I contacted you at Discord!

added 4 more works as I gradually get better

Back open again,
more new works have been put out!


Great person, friend, and fellow artist! Definitely a good pick for quality work at an affordable price.

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This guy is really talented! I purchased a game icon and thumbnail and it was delivered really quickly and was way beyond my expectations. I suggest purchasing from him, he is godly and his work is extremely good for his prices.

Added a new thumbnail again ye

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Changed layout with a nice commision design