Open GFX Critique/First Post

Hello! This is my first post on the devforums, and I hope I get to know you guys well.
I’ve been doing GFX for around a year now, and I would love to get some actual feedback on my renders, since I’ve never really been in an environment with other artists. Have a nice day!

The model takes inspiration from Helltaker, feedback would be appreciated!


Looks great, might want to watermark it tho. And to embed an image you want to click the little server icon w/ and arrow and click upload image. And wait for it to finish!

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I agree with @XHyper_SlayerX, and yes I understand its your FIRST post and many people do this but you have to download it and then I’ll find it randomly in my files. Just don’t do it again due to it is pretty annoying.


Thanks for fixing that! I appreciate it!