[OPEN] GFX designer for hire

About Me

:hidere: Hey there, my name is meteor0id. I’m an intermediate GFX designer and have been designing GFXs for a few months. I’m experienced in Blender and have some experience in photo-editing softwares. I’m also making concept items for the UGC program, you can check them out below. I feel like I have grown and gained a lot of experience in the past few months, and look forward to working with you if you decide to hire/commission me! :happy3:

UGC Concepts


This is my current commission sheet with some examples of my work along with prices. Feel free to check out my twitter for some more examples of my work, I update it regularly.


I am available 8AM-9PM EST daily. You can contact me at any time, expect a response within 8 hours.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, send me a friend request on discord at Meteor0id#6619, or check out my twitter here.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: