(OPEN) Graphic Designer/GFX | Veiiex

Hi there! my Roblox username is Veiiex and I am offering my services as a GFX Artist. I specialize in GFX creation and post editing. I have been making GFX’s for over a year now.

Full Renders - 1920x1080 (Thumbnails)

1,000 R$ - Group Payouts
1,428 R$ - T-shirt (Market Place Fee)

Full Renders I have done.

Half Renders - 512x512 (Icons, Logos)

500 R$ - Group Payouts
715 R$ - T-Shirt (Market Place Fee)

Half Renders:

Discord - Veiiex#9942

Or you can contact me the Devforum.
Thank you!


It’s nice, but the text is weird sometimes. You should add fonts such as:
Burbank Semi-Bold
Luckiest Guy

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If you do that: 100% Good price and nice full gfx.

Ah, I see what you mean. it will be fixed. Thank you!

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