(OPEN) Head Scripter needed (Percent)

About Us

My name is MaxReax and I have been building since 2017. I am currently creating a game that is 60-70% done for the testing phase (I plan on adding a lot more if it goes big in full release). I am online almost 24/7 because I take Roblox development very seriously and I plan on going big with it in the future. I do college so I decide my own time.
I have another worker who is a scripter and he is quite decent (semi-advanced scripter) but still needs help.

Some Of My Creations

About The Game

All information is classified about the game until contacted. This has very big potential and this is the first of anything like this done on Roblox. I am investing about 20k Robux into ads for the game. The game needs to be developed right and with the idea and commitment, it has front page potential. If you do not want to contact me because you want information first I am sorry I will only explain most of it once contacted by you.

About The Job

We are looking for a scripter who can do everything we ask which is not a whole lot except for the UI which I will create but I need scripted. The game information is very classified and I will only share it with people who decide to contact me and who want to know more details. I need someone who can be active and replies to messages fast. I get if you have school but I need you to do something or give a slight update every day. Some days are excused for other things that you may have. I also need to see screens or videos of your work to see what you can do.


We are paying depending on what you can create or what you do. The maximum is 4k Robux, but that is only if you are scripting a good amount. I found my last scripter this way but he preferred percent after seeing the potential of this game. You can also receive percent instead of payment but that requires faith in the game you work on. Do you have faith to go big?

Contact Us

You can contact me for details at MaxReax#1569 on Discord

Thanks for reading! If you are a scripter and looking for something new to start putting time into, this is a great and big project that needs your help! :wink:

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