[OPEN] - Hiring - [$150+] Scripter for Combat System

About Us

We are looking for an advanced scripter for a Mount and Blade: Bannerlord themed community. Similar to Game of Thrones communities, players band together to make clans and ultimately come together at community places to engage in battles.

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About The Job

We are searching for an advanced scripter who can program a stamina based R15 combat system consisting of the following. You will be provided with the animations. (more can be explained):

Sheathing, Unsheathing (animations)
Hold LMB, LMB Release: Windup (winds up to max 3 seconds in order to do more damage), Swing
Hold RMB: (first 2 seconds: parry, other person gets stunned), Blocking (no damage)
Equip/Unequip Cooldown
If you are hit while you are blocking, you lose a certain amount of stamina.

Things such as time in between blocks & swings, the amount of time you get stunned for if you hit in the first second of the block (parry), the time frame of the parry, stamina consumption rate, stamina regen rate should be easy to adjust. The scripts should be modular, as well.

You MUST have experience making similar systems in the past or at least several years of experience scripting.
Do not message me otherwise.


Offering to pay in the range of $150 for this. Somewhat negotiable.

Contact Us

Contact me via discord. eratos#9133
More information will be provided.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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