[OPEN] [HIRING] [180K] Looking For Environment/Terrain Builder For An MMORPG

Hiring An Environment Builder For Zenture

What is Zenture?

Zenture is a fantasy MMORPG under development. We’re aiming to create an MMORPG unlike any other on Roblox and we are in need of your support to shape it out.

What Are Terrain Builders Needed For?

We are looking for a professional terrain builder to join our team as our lead environment designer. We expect high quality terrain that fits with our game’s style.

Examples of the game's style


The Designer is required to create 4 zones with each being 750x750 at least and 4 dungeons.
Each zone is an exploration area at which the players explore caves, sites or even secret rooms fighting mob for EXP. The zone should be full of areas as to keep the players exploring and motivated to play.

There are also dungeons that players are required to finish in order to unlock the next zone. The dungeon is a huge space with stages split across it where the player is required to clear each stage before reaching the final boss.


We are paying up to 30K per zone, and up to 15K per dungeon (A total of 180K Robux). Our payment method is Robux.

Contact Information

DevForum: @AlvinPolys
Discord: AlvinPolys#5233

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Position still open.


Will be applying tommorow! :slight_smile:

I’m interested! Are we allowed to use Blender to create the terrain? Then use a plugin to make it Roblox terrain etc…?(Discord; Pixel#0005)

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