(OPEN) Hiring 2 scripters, and a GUI maker

About Us

Hi there! I am Gus and i am a novice builder, i hired another builder to assist me and now we need some scripters a a GUI maker.

About the Game

We want to make a Rogue-Like game, free access, that include many different types of weapon, we believe the weapons making will be the most fun part.

About the Team

The Team:
@Elemental_Reaper123 (Manager and Builder)
@Mr_BandRed (Main Builder)


We’re paying in percentages of the amount we make from the game to make things smarter and more worth it if nothing goes the way we want it to go.


Please don’t contact me here on DevForum since i dont use it that much but you can contact anytime you want in Discord! username: The Dryad#5475


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