[OPEN] Hiring a 3D modeler

Hello, I am the Administrator of Stax Corporation . As we are developing our first roleplay site, I am hiring a 3D Modeler to speed up development.


  • Over 13
  • Can model guns and props
  • Has discord
  • Is able to work as a team
  • Has a portfolio
  • Talk in VC (optional)

What we expect

  • Work for 7 hours per week. (This isn’t much)
  • Can model a gun quickly (Something between 5 days) I’m not sure of the exact time you need to model guns.

We currently don’t have much group funds, and we are looking for developers who can help us develop for free first. When we have group funds, you will get paid.

Contact us
Join our Roblox group and discord server. DM me, my discord username is sitemaster007#7721.
We really need a 3D modeler. Thanks!

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