[OPEN] Hiring a builder for stadiums - 70K R$

Hello, I’m iChaboyy the founder of Rugby Rumble, an immersive game that is based off Rugby Union in real life. The game is currently in its Beta phase and can be found here Rugby Rumble [BETA] - Roblox.

About the Job

We are looking for a experienced builder/modeller that is able to build 4 stadiums that have a moderate level of detail and a sense of realism, but also shouldn’t have any major effect on frame rate and server lag. The stadium must be built around a field, which I can supply upon contacting me. Size of the stadiums will also range from large capacity stadiums to small capacity.

-You must also have good communication skills and available most of the time.
-You must have excellent building skills, with 3+ years of experience.
-You must also have a portfolio with vouches.
-Some sort of knowledge about rugby.
-You must also have an open schedule.

Some examples of the stadium designs would look like:

I’m looking to spend 70K on this, although I am happy to add $USD on top if needed, you will be payed for completion of each asset accordingly, with no down payment.

-Discord ChickenSalt#0386
Be sure to send through your portfolio and ask any questions, as I am happy to answer them.


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