[OPEN] Hiring a low poly builder

About us
Civilization simulator is a game based off of Foundation. You gather materials to expand your city or go to war with other people. The game was founded by @GamingForever941.

The Team
Founder: @GamingForever941
Head of Building: @Kisferenc
Head of Scrpting: @johnkiller10o
Scripter: @SilencedSquadBob
Builder: @CouldBeYou

About The Job
Youwill need to have experience building low poly but also 3D modeling in blender. We are looking for terrain similar to foundation and low poly builds like, Houses all sizes, library etc. All the builds will not be to direct character scale.

We are paying 10k R$ amd if the game succeeds you will be on the dev team for our next game making even more.

How to apply
Message ShadowArcher#3258 on discord with a portfolio to apply (PLEASE INCLUDE A PORTFOLIO). We will not accept you if you dont send a portfolio.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile: Enjoy the rest of your day :smiley:

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