[OPEN] Hiring a scripter for %


About Us & the game

Hello! We are Sum It Studios , a small upcoming game development team.
We’re looking for a full time scripter or a part time scripter to join us for our new tycoon gamed based on the mall New York The Oculus. The basics of the game is that its a tycoon and they are starting their new company in a mall!

The Team
@altbulIder - Owner/ Builder /Roboy11224 (my main account for non development)
@UnREALdev6 - Scripter

(Closed) Requirements

  • You must be willing to communicate with the team on Discord

  • Must have proof of your work like a portfolio or some pictures/videos

  • You must not be inactive for 2+ weeks unless excused

  • Must have some experience on Roblox Lua

About The Job

We are looking for a scripter to be the lead programmer for our game. We are hoping to get the game out this year or next year. At the moment there is no need to rush and we are just working at any pace

What we are looking for

  • A saving system

  • Spawning models (Instead of parts for a dropper)

  • To sum it up basically what a tycoon needs and some more

  • Etc. ( Because were still planning there might be more stuff you will do)

And yes I’m probably using the wrong scripting terms because I don’t know how to script haha


We will pay in % in robux. This will be with group payouts every week . You will be earning 35% of the game profits. This could change if we get more people in the team.

Contact Us

Hello! We are closed as we have got our scripter, you can still contact me on discord: Samm#1517

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