[OPEN] Hiring an Advanced Scripter!

Hello! I’m Darien. I am attempting to make a FNAF fan game on Roblox! The game is called Five Nights at Shayla’s. I am looking for an advanced scripter that is willing to help out with the game!

About The Game

I would like to make something like Five Nights at Maylee’s. Here is the link to the game to get a better feel of what I want.


About The Job

The job will consist of making numerous animatronic AI and other things, such as;

  1. Constant power drainage that increases if the door is closed and if the camera is on.
  2. Key-binds for opening the camera and closing doors.
  3. Animatronic AI.
  4. Sound queues.
  5. Night saving system.

And more!

I do not require you to work a certain amount of hours a day, just work as frequently as possible. As long as you are getting work done, then good, but speed in work is also liked.


I will pay via robux. I am willing to give 4,000 robux and 25% of the group revenue. I will pay after the game is released.


I would like someone who;

  1. Is easy to talk to and work with.
  2. Kind.
  3. Has a sense of humor.
  4. Willing to critique my work.
  5. Willing to put effort and time into this project


You can contact me through devforum or my discord, .arien#2539
Please send a portfolio of your creations!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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