[OPEN] Hiring Ancient Genre Builders & Scripters!

About Us

Hello, my name is Matt and a team of us are building Rome that is completely historical, We have previous experience in our areas of expertise but require more staff to aid in our development.

The Team
@AugustusMarcus - Founder
@ValorRaxen - Terrain/Builder
@N/A - Scripter (Require)
@N/A - Builder (Require)
@N/A - Builder (Require)
@N/A - Builder (Require)

About The Job

We are looking for Builders, we seek dedicated people who can spend their time daily on our project, we will pay gladly with either Robux or USD


Building price is negotiable on discord, talk to me and we can discuss price per building

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via my Discord: MattRaxen#6064

Other Info

We’re dedicating time to our project, if you want to join the team, we’ll be glad to pay you as long as you dedicate your time to our project:)

Thank you for taking time to look into our topic:)



What is the minimum payment range?

10 Dollars, we need around 5-8 different buildings.
Different building sizes and difficulty is paid more of course.

We now require a scripter to weld stuff for us.

I sent a freind request on discord. I actually mainly work in Ancient genre, so this is right up my alley. I will send you it in discord, but here’s my portfolio: AlausSamus Portfolio | Trello

Hi Augustus,

I recommend expanding the job description and payment sections of your post so that applicants and interested parties can better understand what you are expecting of the scripter hire and 3x builder hires. Perhaps a short breakdown of what you need each of them for and what type of payment they would be looking at (payment type and range). This will help streamline the interviews/application process and get you people who better align with your goals.

I wouldn’t do that. You’re better off trying to do something that you can learn in a few moments (depending on your understanding of material) over wasting your budget like this.

There are many weld plugins you can install in the develop library. You can explore some of these (ensure their legitimacy) and use them to help you out. If your scripter must do anything other than welding though, then that’s good.

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