[OPEN] Hiring Builders, 3D Modelers, Map & Environment Designers!

About Us

Hi, we’re looking for talented 3D artists capable of achieving realistic and textured assets and maps for our next-gen exploration + survival game, currently nicknamed, Project Rocky, set in the Canadian Rockies, during an unspecificed time period of the 80s. We are drawing inspiration from games such as; The Long Dark, Firewatch and Kona.

You can see a (very) small demo of the map here

A small brief of some gameplay features

About The Job

You will be apart of the development department of our main group, Robloxian Adventures.
You’ll be expected to keep the project undisclosed to the general public and thus will require you to sign a NDA agreement.

Concept Arts, Style and Inspiration

Firewatch, 2016

Project Rocky, TBA

Kona, 2016

Firewatch, 2016

The Long Dark, 2014

The Long Dark, 2014

The general map of the game is aimed to be intricately made, with the necessary optimizations to support the high poly, detailed assets.


You will be creating a number of textured, mid-high poly models, some examples of what we’ll be looking for;

There will not be any strict deadlines, however, we expect you to complete tasks in a timely manner.


Builds should have custom (not standard ROBLOX) textures, although where you source them is up to you as long as you have proper licensing to do so. Detail is key.
Similar to the modeling, you’ll be creating larger assets, some examples of what we’ll be looking for;

  • Cabins
  • Towers
  • Minor Landmarks
  • Minor Environmental Detailing

Please note, you should be capable of creating work similar or matching to the images.

There will not be any strict deadlines, however, we expect you to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Environment Designers

You will have the role of creating the environment and map itself, using assets to achieve a realistic landscape following the designated map layout. It should be eye appealing and interesting to explore.
We’re looking for someone well acquinated to terrain and environment design, with techniques and a good understanding of how terrain and nature is set in the real world!
Get ready to creating vast areas including some mountains in the Banff area of the Canadian Rockies.
Below are some examples of what we have so far! Your work should be able to match or even out-match what is shown below.

Map Designers

As a map designer, you’ll be creating the basis of the layout drawing inspiration from the Canadian Rockies. Using your chosen software, whether it be Photoshop, Illustrator or a designated map designer, you will be creating numerous trails for players to trek and for the environment designers to follow.


All of our developers will have adequate compensation, and can be payed via their preferred payment method whether it be Robux or USD, converted using the DevEx rate (R$1/$0.0035).

Developers are likely to be paid hourly, 6-10 USD per hour, more or less the USA minimum wage, depending on your position. Big, high effort workloads will receive additional compensation.
However, alternatively some jobs will require payment per task as tracking time can be difficult.

Contact Us

Project Manager - addy#0420
Please DM a portfolio of your previous work and stating what position you are applying for.


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