[ OPEN ] Hiring Clothing Designers


Hey Talented People! Happy New Years, I hope you all are starting off great!

Recently, ROBLOX has announced that they are most likely integrating a feature where shirts/pants are going to be non-premium to upload, and rather cost robux, so here’s the deal.

I’m looking for quite a few talented designers who have previous examples of work, authentic, and unique. I am looking for the “average joe” clothing. (modern, unique, attractive, street casual, etc.) I can provide examples of clothing if you need, however I’m sure it is pretty self explanatory.

I plan to run advertisements, I have quite a few thousand robux saved for them, however, I need clothing produced and I will upload, or the producer may upload (if they have premium).

    * Unique, authentic clothing
    * Strong communication
    * Mostly active, and able to produce clothing efficiently
    * Be in our discord
    * Cooperative
    * And have some common sense


Your work will determine the pay, and I am always up to negotiate prices. I don’t have a set price on clothing for now, due to the range of different abilities, however, you can go as low as R$25, and up from there most likely. You will be paid with group funds, or t-shirt (tax covered).


I am available on discord most of the day, however I am only human. If you want a timely response, please reach out via discord, as I can not promise a forum response!

DISCORD - SirAlexanderHamilton#9044
DEVFORUM - @SirAlexanderHamilton

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