[OPEN] [Hiring Developer's. Builder's,Mesh developer's,Programmer's and more!] [Payment of game percentage]

Pixel Studio’s

About Us

Hello there! We are Pixel Studio’s we are currently looking for experience developer’s to work on a massive project. A little about myself: I am 15 and I have been using Roblox Studio for about 5 year’s now, I have been working hard to get to work on a big project, I have also worked on 5 game’s before!

About the game

I am starting a big project to work on a game that would be called: Perceptive City (Name is not final) It is a game with all sorts of thing’s for a brief understanding there will be 4 rolls you can pick from, Criminal, Citizen, Police, Military. Criminal is where you would rob and make money with feature’s like starting you own criminal gang etc, Citizen would be able to do job to earn money and buy thing like home’s, aircraft, vehicle’s. Police would be trying to stop the criminal’s other many feature’s as well, And military would be much more advanced than police in stopping criminal’s. The theme of the map is a Retro/Future theme.

The Team
@DogeExploder - Builder/Planner

Open position’s
-Mesh Developer’s
-Environment developer’s
-Graphic designer’s

About The Job

We are looking for experienced developer’s with at least 2 year’s experience and that is also 14 or older, and that can work on the game at least 6 hour’s a week. We also want developer’s that are kind to each other and can work well with other’s sharing idea’s etc.

Example of our game's build style



We will be paying a percentage of the game revenue then after a little bit of time we can start paying you in amount’s. (Payment’s will be higher depending on popularity)

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord at
Or you on this post!

Thank you!

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