[OPEN] Hiring developers for First person shooter. ("Ghost Operation:tango")!

Hello there!

About Us

Hello I am Bjjepic. I am currently the head of development of a huge studio who is creating a game at the current moment Ghost operation: Tango It is in a series of games like “call of duty” we have already avoided copyrighted laws we have more than 35 differences in it and to my current knowledge to avoid copyright there has to be more than 20 differences and we haven’t taken any already taken names.

The Team
@No-One – Ui designer
@No-One – scripter
@No-One – animator / scripter (if possible)
and to interest you the team is super laid back we don’t involve our selves with beef but you are expected to be active.

About The Job

We are expecting good work from our new scripter + UI designer :wink:
we are going to make a campaign with the game to make it stand out
the animator should be able to script a bit
The Ui designer doesn’t have to script them but if possible it would be amazing


We are going to be paying in percentages but we have a backup payment just in case it does fail but the percentages you will be paid will be split equally with one another we don’t value ones profession other another

Contact Us

If you are interested to join out diverse team and get in on the action Just dm me on discord and I will be wanting to see a portfolio or some proof of your work not to waste either of our time :smiley:
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O you must be 13 years or older (this is to avoid any age restrictions).

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