(Open) Hiring Developers For Up Coming Game(%)

Hey Hey! Recently i decided to form a development group by the name of ridge development and have decided to see how far i can get with 0 funds at the start, Due to this i can only fund in % when the game is earning

The Team
@helpfulllukemaster1 - Owner + Gfx Designer
@Empty - Scripter
@Empty -Builder

About The Job

I am looking for a scripter and a builder

The game idea will be a simulator of some sort so fairly basic but i do want to incorporate more into the simulator


We are paying these amounts:

Scripter - 35%

Builder- 32% --TOOK

But they can go up if you do a good amount of work at a good quality

Contact Us

Please Contact Me Via Dev Forum but please be aware you will need to join our discord server.


What would be the backup payment in case the game fails?


for the next game the group does they will receive a high percentage of how much that game makes until its surpassed a certain amount.

The probable amount would be about 1-15k depending on how much work you did.

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Can also contact me via discord here:

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Hi, Iā€™m interested in working on your project, I sent you a request for discord

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