[OPEN] hiring Elite Builder and a Scripter to help me make a futuristic city

Well that doesn’t matter either. If you are 14 and you are a great scripter, good for you. If you have good starting robux to pay for your developers, good for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to flex your robux on a recruitment post, but okay :neutral_face:.

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I’m not flexing. I’m trying to tell him that it doesn’t matter what age you are to be a successful developer.

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Nobody here is trying to be rude, we are just saying that 520 robux is not enough to pay people to work for a game especially if the game is a city.

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Well then it doesn’t matter what age you have to be to START scripting to begin with. What I’m trying to say is that @1_kly is trying to hire people, and whether its 520 robux, or 500k robux, the start is always the beginning.

You’re the second person that I like in this post

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As I said in the other post, the problem is that it isn’t worth it to work making a CITY when you are going to get 520 robux.

We’re not trying to start an argument on the forums. That’s pathetic. No one is trying to be rude. You’ve taken things the wrong way for both of my posts.

I’m not even trying to start a argument. The only person I did call rude was @EsplishData because what he said was considered rude. I’m not over-exaggerating your posts, and neither you are with me. Why are you even trying to call this an argument over me defending someone for starting out with 520 robux? Like I said, I’m not creating an argument, end of story.

I never even have bothered trying to hire developers , because I could never afford them.

It’s a more time consuming method , but in the end it rlly helped me become slightly better at scripting , and now I have a basic knowledge of studio scripting because of it.

So yeah , take the people’s advice and learn for yourself - it works well.

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Please stop replying if you are not interested in this offer. Feedback on the OP’s offer can be privately messaged to them or you can flag the thread if you believe it is low quality or otherwise not appropriate an offer for this category.

Irrespective of if the OP is offering proper compensation for services or not, the thread’s replies are not the place to discuss that if you aren’t interested and looking to negotiate prices. It’s not your place to minimod another developer’s offers.

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I see a problem.
First, let him do what he wants
Second, he can’t get 25K Robux he is not rich.
Third, you should stop complaining about the payment.

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That was not necessary to say, just because your a successful developer does not give you the rights to do be mean to others.

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So your insulting someone’s work for a stupid, and childish reason?

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maybe I should just give up on studio, because im getting hate and no one is giving me good feedback, maybe I dont belong in this community

No, don’t give up there is no reason why you should give up.
And I might do the job, contact me on discord boI#8524

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This was literally ended like an hour ago, and I will say it again for you. We. Are. Not. Being. Mean. Please tell me, give me an explanation of how I was being “mean”. Do not say bragging because that’s not the answer. Read above.


Sounds pathetic.

But you are bragging

I know I was explaining how pathetic and childish that was

If you’re looking for basic tasks like a bowl of cereal and teleporters, free models can help with that. OR, if you wanted to make it yourself, you can just search “how to do ‘blah blah’” and you can find a ton of tutorials! :slight_smile: