[OPEN!] Hiring for a Scripter for my Game!

Hello Developers,

I’m currently working on a Game (MiniGames) where you have to do parkour. I had a system, but it didn’t work properly. There were some bugs that weren’t right at all.

I’m looking for someone who’s handy with this kind of stuff! Like that there will be a random folder but also that the same folder can come one after the other!

Unfortunately I don’t have a budget right now. If you still want to get paid send me a Pm on Twitter or follow me on ROBLOX and send me a message! Maybe we can do something if we are going to earn robux that you get a few percent (Like 40%) of the robux we earn!

I hope someone can help me as soon as possible!


This is not the right place, put this in #collaboration

Oh, i am sorry i will replace it!

You won’t get many people interested, especially if you don’t even have the funds yet. Sorry, but it is the truth.

I totally get you. And that’s why I want to work with the percentages of the rbx what we earn. Cause I certainly don’t have a problem paying them out!

I’ll help you! Read my Profile and you will understand what I can do.

Can you gurrantee this game will go extremely popular??? Noone is going to spend a good amount of hours for just some robux

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