[OPEN] Hiring Long Term Builder for Upcoming RPG

About us
Hello! My name is Fxllen. I joined the roblox platform in 2018 and started developer at around 2019. I am currently looking for one builder and scripter for my upcoming story game.

Current Team
@Fxllen_Developer - Scripter/Project/UI Design
@couldbeyou- Builder

About Work
The Builder will be helping me create maps with my flow chart. Everything with this game is already planned and all assets being used within the game are organized. I will mainly be doing the building with backup from the builder

Must have experience in building for over a year. If not, I will ignore you.


The payment will be percentages of the game, Builder will be receiving 25 percent of the profit, Scripter 25 percent… Payments can be increase/decreased depending on the performance of both people. Backup payment (of about 10k) is available just in case the game flops.

Builder: 25%
Scripter: 25%

Contact Me
You can reach me on Discord at water#1173
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for reading!

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