[OPEN] Hiring Moderators For Nex's Difficulty

About Us

Nex’s Difficulty Chart Obby is a obby that gets harder and harder for each stage and we are currently looking for moderators.

What will I get?

Message me on Devforum or DM Nex.#1234 on discord to apply. You will get administrative commands that you can use to keep the game safe with. As an moderator, you will get access to special perks, events, and respect.

Extra Information

Requirements & Rules to apply
  1. Over the age of 13+
  2. Have been on Roblox for 60 days or more
  3. Required to follow Roblox Terms-Of-Service and NDCO Regulations.
  4. Having past experience

If you think you wanna apply and you meet all the requirements & rules, hit me up.


Also, reply if you’re interested.

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