[OPEN] Hiring Professional Developers For "Legends of Drakor" Online RPG $$$60% INCOME$$$

:crossed_swords: Legends of Drakor :crossed_swords:

Legends of Drakor will be a medieval RPG game where you start off as a novice and work your way up by levelling up and gaining more powerful gear, similar to a game that used to exist on ROBLOX called Gears Online. But the unique feature will be a 3D environment. You will not just have the top view anymore, you will be able to freely move your camera. Another unique feature will be the use of the new lighting technology and very high details. We, Devil.ite Studios, are aiming for the best quality RPG game that ROBLOX has ever seen, with a unique storyline and interesting gaming experience.

Devil.ite Studios

About Us

Hello, we are Devil.ite Studios, a group on ROBLOX that has existed for around 3 years. We are dedicated to developing unique and very high quality games that are worth everyone’s attention. Our main project is obviously the Legends of Drakor, we just started the project and we are looking for very advanced developers to join our team. The project’s goal is to become one of the greatest RPG games ROBLOX has ever seen and to dominate the front page (hopefully).

The Team

Dark_Variable - Producer
mrsrougee - Co-Producer
Zajebistyjasiek - Co-Producer
RageVenue - Head Developer
ScriptingVoid - Head Developer
iiClearlyDeveloper - Developer

About The Job

We are looking for professional builders, professional scripters, professional UI designers, professional animators and professional modellers who are very active and will stay with us as a long-term developer who could possibly become the icons of Devil.ite Studios.

Builders: Our game needs a lobby, a few maps, a few dungeons, and a few realms for now.

Scripters: We need a working UI system. In-game currency such as Gold and Gems, a custom menu for graphics, sounds, inventory, and more. We need working weapons and armor, aswell as a shop that will be in the lobby.

Modellers: We need weapons and armor, and maybe a few assets for the game to look more high quality.

UI Designers: We need a whole user interface, with a currency section, inventory, custom player leaderboard, and more.

Animators: We need good walking animations, weapon animations, such as swinging, blocking, dashing, and more.


From 3k per Developer.
When the project succeeds and starts to make good profit, 60% of the profit will go to the developers, generally.

Contact Us

Before you click below, please keep in mind that you must be at least 16 years of age to work with us.

Discord: DarkVariable#6456

Thanks for reading! :crossed_swords: :bow_and_arrow:

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You should at least take into considiration telling the payment method if you do not want to share the amount.

Hey brother. 60% is low. <3 <3

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So like a possible 1 million R$s per dev in the future is low? Oh, didn’t know, I’m sorry.

if ur getting 5m ye its pretty low

You’re clearly a troll. 60% of funds is a pretty big amount of robux especially if revenue comes in a big amount every few hours.

i’m no troll. i feel value in giving people awareness in how devestating a high workload low payout situation can be. In your case this is exactly that. Sorry.

To be fair you can make any prediction for your Roblox game before it comes out.

What would be great if there was a back-up plan in case the game doesn’t do so well.


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