[OPEN] Hiring Programmers | Huge Payouts!

SnowSvardo Studios Recruitment

About Our Team!

Greetings everybody! Our development team at SnowSvardo Studios focuses primarily on story games but are seeking to diversify our game genre. To accomplish this, we’re looking to hire other talented developers to grow our team and increase both the quality and quantity of games that we’re attempting to complete.

Meet the Team!
@SnowSvardo - Owner / Builder
@HoltSvardo - Owner / Lead Programmer

You can view our Group here : SnowSvardo Studios - Roblox

Published Games

Intruder :moneybag: (STORY) : Intruder 💰 (STORY) - Roblox
Tower of Fall! :skull: : Tower of Fall! 💀 - Roblox

Positions to Fill

Programmer - ???
Programmer - ???

About The Job

As mentioned above, we’re seeking to expand our development team here at SnowSvardo Studios. We’re looking for experienced Programmers who are familiar with creating Story games. We’re looking for people who have a great work ethic, professional communication skills, and are frequently active throughout the week.

The Pay

We are willing to pay within the range of 10,000 to 100,000 RBX or $50 to $350 USD depending on the value of work you will be assigned. Negotiations will always be granted depending on the assigned project.

Contact Us

If you fit the criteria of what we’re looking for, we encourage you to either reply to this post, message us on the Dev Forums, or contact us on Discord! (snow#5089)


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