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Red Bear Interactive

About Us

Red Bear Interactive are a recently established studio currently working on Project: Imperium, a Unique concept based off of the “Titanfall” franchise, including the Parkour movement and Titans.

About The Job

We are seeking multiple developers to join the studio, with broad range of creative experience, specifically in the Sci-Fi / FPS Genres. We aim to release the full game in December, with Alpha and Beta’s along the way. All positions are LONG TERM.


If you apply to become a Builder, you will be tasked with creating 6 Maps in a variety of styles which accomodates a Parkour movement system while also allowing large titans to move around. These maps must be optimised yet detailed. Apply with a valid portfolio.

Examples of Maps






If you apply to become an Animator, you will be tasked with a multitude of tasks / duties. These can be Weapon Animations, Parkour Movements, Titan Animations, AI Animations, Emotes, etc. Please apply with an Animation Reel / Portfolio that demonstrates any of these fields. Blender Animators will be prioritised.


We are looking for Profficient scripters to join the team. Those with Effective, Efficient, Optimised code willing to take on a Lead role in our Development studio. You must have experience creating previous FPS Titles. Please apply with a valid portfolio.

Bonus if you have experience with UI Design and Implementation.


We are in our initial stages of development, however we have some substantial proof of what we want the game to be. We have a decently sized community backing us, with investors and donators assisting in the project.

Project Progress

This is our “Prototype” Class Titan, for our Initial stages, and is untextured due to this.
This is one Variant of “Pilot” armour.


All developers will be paid depending on their work put in. Payment can be in Robux, Paypal, or Percentage. We shall negotiate price in DMs

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord, @Ser Nerd the Third#7210 or by joining the server 2P4ZCzr

cannot seem to find your discord mine is iabandonedtv#2971

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