[Open] Hiring Scripter URGENT - Horror Survival Game

About Us

Hello, we are Untitled Interactive and we are working on a horror survival game that is based on a movie in the 90s, it has the potential of being a front-page game with the right team and motivation.

The Team
@innocore - GFX/UI/Building
@PrimeTio - Building
@username - Scripting

:star2: Why should you work with us on this project :star2:

  • It has front page potential.
  • The lead developer has been on ROBLOX for years with more than 295.9K+ place visits.
  • Pays very well if you stick around the long term (High % Payout)
  • Ability to make a name for yourself.

:star2: Qualifications :star2:

  • An individual that is self-motivated and disciplined.
  • Good team player that works well with a team
  • Professional attitude
  • Experience in Roblox Studio (2+ years - Varies on a certain applicant)

:star2: Requirements :star2:

  • Get work done with deadlines
  • Staying in contact with the team
  • Scripting Modules include; Main Menu, Server Teleportation, Rounds, and much more! Feel free to ask for more clarification.
  • We are looking for someone that takes pride in their work, quality over quantity.

Overall, the lobby is done, the map is halfway done. The UI’s are basically completed, the sound design is in progress. Flexible schedule, motivation to work hard and release this game.

:star2: Payment :star2:

  • Percentage: 35%+
  • Real Money: 30$usd+
  • Amount Of Robux: 20k+

:star2: Contact Information :star2:

  • Discord: @mxi#0648 -
  • Twitter: untitledintrblx


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