[Open] Hiring Scripter

About Me
Hello, My name Is Bloxwallet otherwise know as Ryan. I have been in the Roblox community for many years. I have been in the Roblox developer community for 4 ish years. I am an aspiring developer striving to make it to the top.

About The Job
I’m looking for someone to script an upcoming game I have been working on for a while.
What is needed?

For this game we need
Dealership system
Car color customization (garage and in dealership when buying the cars)
NPCs roaming
Xp/level system/reputation
Delivery system
Depending in past work and work flow

Contact Information
Discord: Ryan.#0021 – (Best Way to contact me for fast response)
Discord Server (Make a ticket)(BloxSet Interactive)
Twitter: @Bloxwallet

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