[OPEN][$$$] Hiring Scripter


Hello! I hope you are doing well. I am the owner of the Armed Forces and the People United and it’s game, Roleplay Area 52. The game is centered around a portal, housed in a top-secret military base, through which aliens attack Earth and humans explore the galaxy. I am looking for a talented, dedicated, and creative scripter to join us in furthering the game’s development.

You can check our our game here:


We are looking to hire a professional scripter to help design, create, code, and implement new features. The chosen developer will be an integral part of our growing community and have the ability to engage with the community members everyday. The work you put into the game will directly lead to a better play experience for all of the players.


  • Plan, create, and develop interesting and original updates for the game.
  • Listening and taking feedback from the community to improve on or create new game features.
  • Ensuring all work assigned to you is completed on time.

Should have traits:

  • A willingness to take a leadership role in projects.
  • A very strong grasp of roblox Lua.
  • A deep understanding of how to use modules and OOP.
  • A willingness to work and collaborate with other team members.
  • Strong communication skills in English.
  • The ability to commit time on a daily basis to development.
  • Experience developing games on roblox.

Nice to have traits:

  • Past work on development teams where you produced quality work.
  • Knowledge of other coding languages, specifically OOP ones.
  • A passion for game development.
  • Any secondary skills such as but not limited to: GFX, UI, Audio, Modeling, Texturing, and Game Design.


Payment will vary depending on the developer’s speed and quality. Payment can either be given per project or per month. Either way, you should expect the payment to be around 100k robux or the USD equivalent (based on devex rates) a month. Bonuses will be given for good work.


When you contact us, please provide all relevant past work that you feel best demonstrates your development abilities as a scripter.

You can contact me here on the DevFourms or DM me on discord at totoro987123#4259

You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Best of luck to all applicants, and thanks for reading :sun_with_face:!

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