[Open] Hiring Scripter

About job
We are a cafe “Cantaloupe Cafe”. We are hiring a Scripter.The scripter will work like once a month.
Our team
Kavas19 (Me) = President-Builder
Pink_Snake8 = Vice President-Programmer
IASTRONGNOOB = Leader of Development team-Scripter
Gamerkirk12 = Senior Development team member-GFX designer
DiamondPro53 = Development team member-GFX designer
InvisibleJailbreak = Development team member
swg_kat = Development team member-Builder

Unfortunately we can’t pay. The scripter will get the rank of Development team.
But if we get to 750 members(Current members=73) we will pay to our all Developers.

I prefer you to message me here in Devforum @Kavas19. I also have Dizzy you can contact me from there too. Kavas19#2919

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I’ve see a lot of people pay developers of the game with special ranks and perks. Some will accept, but others won’t.

The scripter is the main core when it comes to the game, I’m pretty sure they would want a solid payment for their hard work. Also, wouldn’t the developers, with or without pay, get the development role in your group?

Hope you take take this into consideration. Nonetheless, I hope you find your scripter.

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Paying your developers is a huge issue in the community in my opinion, wanting a game to be made but no funds to budget it is a failure waiting to happen. You can’t expect a car company to sell you a car without having a down payment let alone any pay? A scripter works hard on their coding and it takes a lot of time, by trying to “hire” someone to do what you asked with them only have a small possibility to get paid is ridiculous. And I quoted hire because you’re basically asking for a volunteer.

Have funds of some type to be able to compensate your developers cause trust me nobody wants to work so hard and not get paid for it.


I’m going to hop on the band wagon with everyone else except I’m the only scripter I’ve seen dig into this. I’m going to break down why good scripting is expensive and you want solid scripters.
My first argument: Any new scripter will work for free, they’re trying to build a portfolio, and I can’t hate on them for that. However if you’re making a project that you actually care about, you want a solid scripter. I’ve been coding for 4+ years and all my clients so far have been happy with my work. My systems are always modular and if I do leave development another scripter can just hop in and expand my system. I make my code very readable. I’m not the best scripter nor will I ever be. But I’m atleast what you’d require in a scripter. If you hire a free scripter who doesn’t know what a modulescript is then your game is going to be riddled with bugs and borderline unplayable. I honestly get very sad when I see people beg for free scripters. Pay your employees.
My second argument, why wouldn’t you give atleast a percent, I won’t ever take only a percent but some (decent) scripters will. It isn’t optimal and if you want to have money to hire workers just do commissions. As a scripter when a potential client contacts me I like to know how good they are in their field. This also gives your potential employees a sense of belief that this is your passion project. You’ve shown your dedication to the project by sinking your own time into it.
Closing, even the thought that anyone would ever spend 4-5 hours a day on a project and not expect any type of payment is crazy. I don’t know if you think we just do this for free but you’re very wrong. This is my job and hobby. I love I can get paid for doing what I love. But I still have to pay for things. I’m not old enough for bills but when that becomes an issue I want to beable to use my coding skills to pay them. I hope I wasn’t too rude, but It’s honestly ridiculous you think anything is free.

-DevTops [ScriptTops]

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He did say he would pay the developers at 750 members. Though, there aren’t any proof of funds that show this. :confused:

Really a shame to be honest. This recruitment category has fallen hard.

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I do agree, they said they’re working on making something new, but as time goes on, I lose more and more faith in humanity.

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We got one Scripter. We just need one more. Please write me if you are interested. @Kavas19

I’m not, unless I get paid enough.

But if we get to 750 members(Current members=73) we will pay to our all Developers. Seems a little sketch mate.

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