(Open Hiring) Scripting

What i need
add codes
popop that show how much strength you get when you lift you need to make the popop gui
kills to leaderstats
leaderbord you need to make the gui for all the 3 leaderbords
Rebirth leaderdord
Kills leaderbord
2x Rebirths Gamepass
Fast Lifting Gamepass
Double Health Gamepass
Double Damage Gamepass
2X Strength Gamepass

i pay in robux from me Group whant to nowe how much add me on discord

diascord = lightning#4296

i am not on here Much so add me on discord if you whant the job

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Looks like a nice job, but I recommend adding more detail, for example what game their coding for, a base price of robux, how you’d transfer the robux, ect. But other than that it looks like a good job, and I might be interested!

hi du you hawe discord???

Yes, but I will not apply for the job until there’s a base price and a little more detail.

you need to check what i did shay

Ah, now I see it. Thank you for telling me! I don’t think I can work here though, but I wish you luck! :smile:

Oh no, its not about the robux, I was just looking at another job that I might take, sorry! I wish you best of luck though!

how muck did you whant if you whas gona du it??

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