[OPEN] Hiring Short Term Programmer (75k-150k R$)

About Us

Hello, we are Check it Containment Corporation A meme scpf parody group with 336k members are of current.

Development Team
@4avke- Programmer/Builder
@ExtrSwiftz- Programmer
@dusek_br - Modeler


Job Specifics

We are looking for experienced scripters to rework and completed unfinished progress that was left by our former developer. You will finish the task given and assigned as well as fixing several bugs. You are expected to finish your task within 1-3 weeks if you have not completed the assigned task within the deadline your contract or payment may be voided, cut, and or terminated.


-Age must be 15+.
-You must have several years of experience in the platform.
-Past experiences working in several games and groups.
-Advanced Programming Skills
We will do additional background checks
Our game is mostly complete and we are relying on you to finish your assigned task within 2-3 weeks.


The payment range is between 75k-150k R$ and a bonus which depends on your performance. You will be paid by group payout.

Contact Us

Contact me at Discord my user tag is ExtrSwiftz#3971.
Time zone EST

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