[OPEN] Hiring Someone For A One Time Job On Gun Animations With TweenServices

Hey I’m in need of a person that can script tweenservices for gun animations here is an example:

ts:Create(objs[2],TweenInfo.new(0.4),{C1 = CFrame.new(-0.15,0.1, -1.00) * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(-115), math.rad(5), math.rad(-35))}):Play()

Basically I need someone that can make gun animation from tweenservices for me, this will be a one time thing once you make it I will review it and pay prices can be negotiable, my max budget is 10k and depending on the quality of the animations you can suggest a price. Some animations I want are from phantom forces for my own gun, also anybody that is experience in camera bobbing when the player reloads or runs or just any sort of bobbing when the weapon is in used is needed.

Budget: 10k Robux (Negotiable, Will Be Paid Depending On Quality)

Discord Contact Info: SH-Alex N.#4779

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Do you want the bullet animated or the whole gun?

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Hello! I’ve contacted you at your discord! Hope to hear more! :smiley:

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