[OPEN!] Hiring someone to make a gameshow hub! (Malibu Gameshows)

Malibu Gameshows

Malibu Gameshows is hiring both a UI designer and scripter to make us a gameshow hub! A gameshow hub is a game in which users can join this one game, to get access to all the others, without going through all the other games. We’re looking for a modern UI designer to create us a Gameshow Hub similar to the one shown. We’re also looking for a professional scripter to bring the design to life, by scripting it, and making it animate smoothly, run smoothly, and making features similar to the ones shown in the reference.

Open Positions

@couldbeyou - UI Designer
@crimsevs - Scripter


Payment can be discussed in DM’s. Payment can be paid with ONLY robux.



Image credits to corlights.


You can contact me via discord at: eitaned :v:#3008

Thanks for reading!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. Please note that you must be 13+ to apply for this postion.

Chairman @ Malibu Gameshows

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