[OPEN] Hiring Terrain Builder & More



This topic is being created upon my need for developers for an upcoming project. This project is my state, the State of Roswell. This group and game will mostly be simulation-oriented, allowing individuals to take up positions in different jobs, gain training for these jobs (law enforcement, fire department, etc.) and experiment with things they may want to take on later in life, or just to have fun. We currently have enough scripters, as well as road builders and every other field, besides the ones listed below.


Upon being accepted for a position in our development team, you will be welcomed by our community and sent an invite to our discord (with 600 members). You will have access to a development channel in which all developers use to communicate with each other. You will also be forwarded a link to our development trello and added to it which we use to keep track of all projects.


  • Terrain Building
  • UI Design
  • Scripting (not essential)

(note: if you can script and build, you may be eligible to become our head developer/project director)


As of now we do not have an ‘official’ payment system for developers. When assigned a task, I will personally speak with you to establish a price for its completion. Your projects will be tracked via the trello system mentioned earlier and you will be awarded payment based upon your overall work.






Hey, I’m able to do this. I need more specific info on the payment though. Are we talking like 100 robux per task or 10k?

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Definitely not 100. Closer to 10k, but it depends on what you actually do. Contact me on discord.

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I am interessed to build for you. Add me on discord so we can talk more: Expectives#8540


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