[OPEN] Hiring - UI Designer

Hello There!

About Me

Hi there! I’m a Modeler/Builder/Scripter(not so good) and I’m a dedicated to make games in Roblox and achieve my dreams. I’m mature and hardworking.

Current Development

The game is almost finish I’m just missing some features and I still need someone to help me in scripting the Shop,Cutscenes/Dialogues and some Scripts need to fix.

The Team
@Heatian123 - 3D Modeler/Builder/Animator/Scripter
@Nerkonl - Scripter
@you - UI Designer

About The Job

I’m looking to make a team in the future and improve the development and make new games. But for now I need someone that have experienced in Scripting. Animator must know how to rig custom character. UI Designer will work on the Shop,Currency and more

Our game needs Shop(where you can buy skins for your character),Cutscenes,Rigging and Animating.


Payment method will be %. And might change in near future if we will continue hiring and it will depends on how many we have on our team

Contact Me

You can contact me in my discord Oofer#7566.

Thanks for reading!


What is your discord number? So I can add you

Im an experienced builder
As you can see, my portfolio isnt finished, thats because I recently joined DevForum, but you can DM me in discord, so I can send you some screenshots of my work!
Have a nice weekend!

Hello, i might be interested I have added you on discord my name is Pineapple_Pie#7271

Hey! I can do it! DM me on roblox or discord (broshv#4878)

Ask Nerkonl how he’s doing for me. I’m an old friend of his.

Hi, i’m interested I contacted you via Discord.

What sort of UI style are you looking for?

I’m interested in being hired, but I don’t have discord. Is discord a requirement?

Message me and I’ll give you my portfolio.

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