[Open] Hiring UI Scripter

About Me
Hello, My name Is Bloxwallet otherwise know as Ryan. I have been in the Roblox community for many years. I have been in the Roblox developer community for 4 ish years. I am an aspiring developer striving to make it to the top.

About The Job
I am currently looking for a UI scripter. The scripter needs to be capable of scripting and not using free model scripts. They also need to know how to use tweeting.

What does the UI consist of?
Phone with 4 frames
Admin panel
Play button
Cancel button

Iā€™m only doing Robux as of right now. For an exact price, we can discuss when you contact me

Contact Information
Discord: Ryan.#0021 ā€“ (Best Way to contact me for fast response)
Discord Server (Make a ticket): BloxSet Interactive
Twitter: @Bloxwallet


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