[OPEN] Hiring Weapons Animator ( 2K Robux + )

About Us

Hello, We are ROWGNation, the development team behind zombie defense game “Zombie Task Force”. We are a dedicated team of developers creating unique and innovative game experiences on Roblox.

The Job

Position 1 :Weapons Animator

  • All guns are Currently in the Game and Need to be Re Rigged to our current animations
  • I have all the Models

  • All Animations are tied to the group, you will be assisting another animator to fix the rigs and adjust the weapons to a new size constraints

  • These will be 3rd person to start, and if completed in timely manner i could use help with View model rigs


  • experience with alot of weapons knowledge Building or Animating

  • Report and communicate progress on a daily basis

  • Professional communication

Desired attributes

  • Team Player (work alongside other team members to accomplish goals)

  • Accountable and responsible of work

  • Dependable (able to perform work without supervision and follow ups)

  • Passionate about Game Development

  • Flexible with work requests

  • Willingness to learn ( able to continue learning and developing skills)

  • Creative (Share creative ideas and help develop the project and team)


We generally pay per asset. Price is negotiated before work begins. Complete the task and we pay promptly Via Paypal USD. For Tax and Legal purposes you would be Classified as a general Contractor.

How to Apply

Please submit the following to Discord: ROWG_Leader#3822 or devforum DM (@ROWG_Leader)

  • A portfolio showing experience

  • Examples of work and GIFs

  • Previous games you have worked on

  • Any group references

Please be sure to include your roblox name, Location time zone, and hours of work available

Thanks We look forward to Reviewing Applications!

The Game:

Visit “Zombie Task Force” here: Zombie Task Force - Roblox

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