[OPEN] Howdy! I script!


Hello yes I am Gnorby and I make scripts. I have been scripting on and off since 2018 and I mostly have experience in the alt and horror genres and I specialize in gui but I am flexible. I mostly script for fun so I mostly just accept projects that interest me. I can do a full-time position in a group I like or just simple things for anyone and anything.

The only thing I WON’T do is anything to do with either of the world wars. Anything else goes.

Stuff I have done did made

240p videos for your enjoyment

I’ve also made a bunch of day/night systems, hunger systems, minigame gui’s such as tictactoe, stun sticks, potions and a bunch of other things. But I just recently started recording them so if you want a video of anything listed just hit me up on discord and I can record one for you.

When and where you can reach me

My discord tag is Six#1111 so you can gladly message me on there. I’m available to respond to your messages almost anytime I’m awake. I come from Sweden so my timezone may differ from yours tho.

How do you go about paying me?

Prices can be discussed on discord. I mostly go with whatever the client feels comfortable with and make adjustments from there.
I take both robux and paypal, however, if you want to pay me with robux I ask that you already have them in your group funds before hiring me.
And if you want to hire me to work on a project consistently (such as game updates, patches, and other stuff) I’d like to be paid every month/everytime you’d like the game to be updated.

That is all! I hope I didn’t bore ya! I hope we can have a great time working together!


Hi there, I am currently looking for a lifetime programmer/scripter for a game called Milky Hotel. Since the game is already published, we need a scripter for future updates. I have a lot of new ideas for the game, but since I am not good enough in scripting, I need someone that feels comfortable about this subject. If you are interested working with us, you can private message me in here, since I don’t have discord. (The payment method would be with Robux Gift Cards)