[OPEN] I am looking for a builder and Creative Director

About us
Hello! My name is Dev_Raphael, I started as a developer in early 2019 and am looking for a builder and creative director. I used to have a team but I canceled it all due to personal problems, now I’m back. Many will wonder why I am looking for a creative director, I am looking for a creative director because I need a right hand to help me and to be in charge when I am not active and also to generate ideas for the project.

The team
@ Dev_Raphael- Lead Developer
@ username- Creative Director
@ SoftwareChaser- Scripter
@ Tymxnt- Modeler
@ username - Constructor

About work
The builder will make 3 maps, make a lobby and other things that are requested.
The creative director will give ideas for the game and take care of some things when you are not online.

Note: They must have a portfolio or previous work (Builder), the Creative Director must have had experiences leading projects and groups.

To pay
The payment will be a percentage of the winnings of the game, there will also be a good payment at the end of the project. We will discuss the payment in discord. I also have an investor who will help me with the ads and other things we need. (Builder)

Creative Director: You will receive a monthly payment.
Builder: 15%

Note: Gamepass will be paid for now as I am thinking of creating a group.

Contact Us
You can reach us on Discord: Dev_Raphael # 3865
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for reading!

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