[OPEN] I am looking for a Builder , Modeler and Scripter

About us
Hello! My name is Dev_Raphael, I started as a developer in early 2019 and I am looking for a constructor, scripter and a modeler. I used to have a team but I canceled everything due to personal problems, now I am back.

The team
@ Dev_Raphael- Lead Developer
@username - Scripter
@username - Modeler
@username - Builder

About work
The builder will create 3 medium maps, and will also improve the lobby. (Must have blender experience)
The modeler will exclusively do the game assets, swords and other small things. (Must have blender experience)
The scripter will do all the scripts, level systems, leadeboard, and the things that are asked of it.

Note: They must have a portfolio or previous work.

To pay
The payment will be a percentage of the game winnings, there will also be a good payment at the end of the project. We will discuss the payment in discord. I also have an investor who will help me with the ads and other things we need.

Builder: 15%
Modeler: 15%
Scripter: 25%

Note: It will be paid by gamepass for now, as I am thinking of creating a group.

Contact Us
You can reach us on Discord: Dev_Raphael # 3865
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for reading!

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