(OPEN) I can translate games into Czech


Hey there, I am Ondrashek06. I have lately been seeing that Roblox games don’t have Czech translations and if I translated games into Czech, more people would be able to play these games as I saw thousands of Czech people on ROBLOX. I was born in Czech Republic and have moderate experience with English. I enjoy Roblox at all and like the games on there. If I got to translate games, I would be grateful.


Mon, Wed, Fri - 2 PM -> 9 PM
Tue - 3 PM -> 9 PM
Thu - 4 PM -> 9 PM
Sat, Sun - 9 AM -> 10 PM
I’ll tell you if I am going on vacation or if the times change.
All times are in Central Europe Time (CET).


Free if I deem a developer/game to be at least slightly popular.
100 - 1000 R$ per game if a developer/game isn’t that popular.
<Why?> Money shouldn’t stand in the way of making games accessible for a wider range of people. However, if a game isn’t really popular, people wouldn’t notice if it’s translated to another language and thus my work would go to waste. If I deem a game to be eligible for a free translation, and you want to give me a reward for my effort, go ahead.
The treshold for a game to be “popular” varies, usually it’s around 500K visits and/or a amount of concurrent players at one time. However, if you are a famous developer which created an eligible game and want to translate another game that you own and it’s ineligible, you’ll still be eligible for free translation.


If you are interested, my Discord is Ondrashek06#9263, or reply to this thread.
Send me the link to the game you want to translate, I’ll determine if the game is eligible for a free translation.

Thank you for reading this thread, have a nice day! :smiley:
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Please don’t make all the text like this that is not fine for the eyes.
Also I hope you find someone! You’re job is very useful for people!

I don’t know why is the text bold. :frowning:

Price dropped due to low interest. Please, I want to help contribute to translations. :frowning:

The issue is mainly that you’re offering Czech translations and not something more demanded, like French.

But Czech is a language and some games are already translated to it. You can’t blame Czech people that they speak Czech and not French.

Yeah americans are mean to us Czechs