[OPEN] Icy Experiences is recruiting developers!

Who we are…

Hello there! We are Icy Experiences, Founded on 6/1/2021, we are a team of developers who hope to create the next generation of roblox games

Meet the Team!

  • @Icy7812, Founder of Icy Experiences, has been on roblox for 4 years now and has been developing for 3 years now! :wrench:
  • @q1q167, Lead Dev for Icy Experiences, does not have discord but he is a super experienced builder who has been building for 2 years now! :hammer:
  • @TmsDevv, Lead Project Manager, really experienced modeler and builder, good communication and super nice, 3+ years of experience! :world_map:

About The Job

We are specifically looking for a weapon modeler and a clothing designer. If we need anymore than that, then we will recruit 1 more clothing designer


:white_check_mark: Must have a Discord account.
:white_check_mark: Be able to complete work within a deadline.
:white_check_mark: Must be 13 years or older.
:white_check_mark: Must have at least 3 hours a day to work.
:white_check_mark: Must have excellent communication skills.
:white_check_mark: Must have extensive experience in a given skill, 1 year as a minimum.:hugs:
:white_check_mark: Developer Forum Portfolio

Nice to have:

:sparkling_heart: You are 15 years or older.
:sparkling_heart: Have personal and/or professional projects related to Roblox
:sparkling_heart: Have prior experience in other big titles that reach more than 10 million visits.
:sparkling_heart: Have a community to promote our projects!

We’re looking for someone who…

:sparkles: Is passionate.
:sparkles: Has good communication skills.
:sparkles: Isn’t afraid to provide feedback or suggestions.
:sparkles: Question everything!
:sparkles: Is patient and understanding.
:sparkles: Is a team leader


:moneybag: We are paying in %, we currently do not have any robuxs but we will get some very soon. Percentages will vary by position and quality.


You can contact me on devforum or on discord: Icy_Devv#8237

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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