[OPEN] [IMPORTANT] Looking for a Scripter who can make minigames

Hello! I’m looking for a scripter that can help me make a game like epic minigames, natural disaster survival, survive the disaster, or even RBLXWare!

Heres an example of what I want.

When the disaster is chosen, the model loads. When the disaster ends, the game counts who survived and puts it on the ‘Survivor(s)’ list.

Meteor Disaster: The meteors will spawn on a part called “MeteorSpawn” just like a player does, then will rain down.

Acid Rain: obvious

Your fate is sealed: Replaces everyones sword with a bat, and 5 players become furries, then they have claws. If the furries kill the humans with a bat, those humans become a furry. And the original 5 furries win, and the humans that turned into furries loose.

Thunder: literally thunder, but when it strikes, it causes an explosion and it has a chance to strike a player.

Survive the jeff the killer: loads em in

Survive the demon the killer: obvious


Points: 5 points per disaster, can be used to buy things from the shop
Spree: +1 from every disaster you survive, resets when you die

We can talk about more disasters on discord, shown below!

Discord: pixelated mess#2175
Roblox (obviously): PixelDominoes

Prices range from 15-1200!

The game - Pixel’s Sword Fighting Minigames - Roblox

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