[OPEN] In need of a scripter for Johnny


About Us

Hi there! We are Calypso Studios with 5k members with currently two successful games. Wishing to push further with our development!

The Team
@GhostSmokey - Owner
@vv5ng - Co-Owner/Builder - Me
@OverlordArawn - Scripter
@Someone - Another Scripter (Which could be you)


The game is based around the piggy games you currently see flying around roblox currently, but with different mechanics to change it up a bit to style it differently from normal piggy style games.

Forgot to mention the game is almost done ready for chapter 1 just need some perfections here an there, reason for the 1 week deadline.

About The Job

We are looking for a scripter who has at least 1 - 3 years in scripting along with that, you will need to know how to make a cutscene and certain things and certain things I will discuss further on if you are interested.

Our game need’s a decent amount of productivity due to the deadline we have been given so, you can have breaks but I recommend you get a decent amount of work done.
Deadline: 1 Week


We are paying percentage/robux you pick your choice.

1k - 5k - Varies from the task.
10% - More work done may also increase your percentage

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the developer forum or at my twitter https://twitter.com/Skill_Passion
Along with that you can also contact me on discord!
Discord Tag: Passion#8552

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

3yrs in scripting lua, because I only scripted lua for like 7 months and I have been programming for almost 5yrs now?

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Not saying you can’t be accepted just provide me with some of your work.

I am a animator and builder.

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